7 Unmistakable Signs It’s Time to Call a Personal Injury Lawyer ASAP

when to hire a personal injury lawyer

You’re overwhelmed and in pain after your accident. The last thing you want is another headache trying to deal with insurance companies and legal jargon. But, handling a personal injury claim without an experienced lawyer can be a losing battle.

At the Benjamin Durham Law Firm, we’ve witnessed firsthand how quickly legitimate claims can derail without proper legal representation. Don’t go it alone against well-funded insurance giants. Hire us and we’ll level that playing field, advocating for the maximum compensation you deserve.

1. You Were Injured in an Accident

Any injury from a car crash, slip and fall, or other incident is enough to consult a personal injury lawyer. You may think those aches and pains seem minor now. But who’s to say that a “minor” neck strain doesn’t morph into chronic pain or other complications down the road?

Our job is protecting your rights and ensuring your losses get fully accounted for – not just your initial medical bills, but any future treatment, lost wages while you recover, or non-economic damages like emotional suffering. Left alone, the insurance company will lowball you. You could get stuck footing the bill.

With us handling negotiations, we fight tooth and nail for a settlement covering your total economic damages plus fair compensation for your pain and heartache. We know all the tactics insurers deploy to nickel-and-dime legitimately injured people. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

2. The Other Party Is Disputing Liability

If the other driver tries blaming you for causing that wreck, or the property owner claims you were trespassing when you slipped and fell, trying to counter those accusations and collect a settlement is an uphill battle.

Hiring our firm means you have an attorney protecting your rights and building an impenetrable case to prove negligence. We gather all the evidence to build a rock-solid case, including:

  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Photo/video documentation
  • Expert analysis of the accident

Meanwhile, you can count on us to navigate bad faith tactics, like the other side destroying evidence or their insurer rejecting reasonable settlement offers. We keep them in line through aggressive legal maneuvering – or by taking them to trial if needed.

3. You Don’t Understand the Claims Process

No one expects you to immediately understand Nevada’s personal injury laws and claims procedures. However, that lack of legal knowledge can derail even the clearest cases when you lack professional guidance.

From calculating damages to filing within stringent deadlines, endless hurdles await those trying to navigate the claims process alone. One foolish misstep could invalidate your entire case! That’s why you should hire an attorney to walk you through it while protecting your rights.

Our job is shouldering every legal burden so that it’s no longer on you. No more stressing about missed filings or accidentally admitting fault. We translate the legalese into plain English, explaining your options and optimal strategies.

4. Your Claim Involves a Government Entity

While it’s possible to file a claim and sue these public bodies, it’s not even remotely that simple. For starters, Nevada has strict notification requirements and drastically shortened deadlines for filing suit against the government.

For state claims, your window is only two years from the injury, and you must provide written notice within six months. Then, sovereign immunity laws can easily cap public entity liability regardless of damages. Our experienced lawyers know how to properly navigate all the legal requirements when dealing with government entities.

5. You’re Being Offered an Extremely Low Settlement

Low-ball opening offers are baked into the insurance company’s negotiating strategy from day one. It’s their not-so-subtle way of trying to prey on your ignorance and eagerness to get compensated quickly. Accepting that first number means resigning yourself to recovering mere pennies on the dollar of what your total losses actually warrant.

That’s exactly why you need to lawyer up and bring our personal injury team into the settlement negotiating process. We leverage years of experience calculating reasonable damages. Equipped with facts, figures, and a sterling reputation, our attorneys negotiate authoritatively and won’t under-settle your case for a penny less than you deserve.

6. Your Injuries Are from Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are extremely difficult. There are strict rules about providing evidence and time limits for filing a claim. In Nevada, you only have one year to file a malpractice injury claim and two years for a wrongful death case from the date of the incident or when you discovered the injury. Miss that deadline and you may lose your right to any compensation.

Our malpractice lawyers move quickly from day one. We work with medical experts to gather strong proof that the doctor or medical professional was negligent and their actions caused your injuries or a loved one’s death. We handle all the complicated legal requirements and procedures these cases involve so you have the best chance of receiving full compensation.

7. You Simply Don’t Want to Handle It Yourself

At the end of the day, maybe the reason for hiring a personal injury lawyer is as simple as this – you don’t want to be burdened with handling this claims process alone after an accident. And you shouldn’t have to!

You’re already enduring physical and emotional trauma from your injuries. Having to stress over paperwork is only going to exacerbate your suffering. Our injury attorneys’ entire purpose is removing those legal burdens from your plate so you can focus on what truly matters most – your recovery and well-being.

From the first consultation until the claim’s final resolution, you’ll appreciate having a compassionate, knowledgeable legal team advocating uncompromisingly for your rights and interests.

Don’t Delay – The Right Legal Team Makes All the Difference

The need for professional legal representation is glaringly apparent, whether it’s due to severe injuries, legal complexities, or simply wanting assistance through exhausting personal injury claims. Those attempting to “tough it out” alone inevitably end up overmatched.

At the Benjamin Durham Law Firm, fighting deep-pocketed insurance companies and advocating for maximum compensation isn’t just our legal mission—it’s our calling. Our personal injury attorneys have a comprehensive understanding of Nevada’s injury statutes and case law.

So, if you’ve suffered injuries from someone else’s negligence, don’t resign yourself to costly confusion and inadequate settlements. Take the first step by contacting our firm and scheduling a FREE initial consultation today.

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Benjamin Durham is the principal attorney and founder of Benjamin Durham Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm based in Las Vegas, NV. With over 20 years of experience in the legal field, he represents clients in both injury and criminal cases. Over his career, he has secured favorable verdicts for clients in both state and federal courts and successfully defended numerous high-profile prosecutions.

Ben’s exceptional legal skills and dedication to his clients have earned him recognition as a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He also has been honored as one of the Top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, further solidifying his reputation as a top-notch legal practitioner.

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