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Domestic Violence in Las Vegas Under Nevada Law

Under NRS 33.018, domestic violence is defined as criminal acts committed by a person against or upon the following individuals:

  • Spouse or former spouse
  • Individuals related by blood or marriage
  • Individuals with whom the person has or had a dating relationship
  • Individuals with whom the person has a child in common
  • Minor child of any of the above-mentioned persons
  • The person’s minor child or any other person appointed as the custodian or legal guardian for the person’s minor child

The acts that constitute domestic violence can include:

  • Battery – Physically harming or striking the victim.
  • Assault – Threatening or attempting to harm the victim.
  • Coercion – Forcing or compelling the victim to do something against their will.
  • Sexual assault – Forcing or engaging in non-consensual sexual activity with the victim.
  • Harassing conduct – Engaging in a knowing, purposeful, or reckless course of conduct intended to harass the victim.
  • False imprisonment – Illegally restraining or confining the victim.
  • Pandering – Recruiting, enticing, or compelling someone to engage in prostitution.

Potential Penalties for Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

Domestic violence charges depend on the nature of the crime. Under NRS 200.485, here are some of the potential charges you may face and their penalties.





First offense within seven years Misdemeanor
  • Two days-6 months in jail
  • 48-120 hours of community service
  • $200-$1,000 fine
Second offense within seven years Misdemeanor
  • 20 days-6 months in jail
  • 100 hours-200 hours of community service.
  • $500 – $1,000 fine
Third offense within seven years Category B Felony
  • 1-6 years imprisonment
  • $1,000-$5,000 fine
Battery by strangulation (with previous qualifying convictions) Category C Felony
  • 1–5 years imprisonment
  • A fine of up to $10,000
Battery with a deadly weapon (with previous qualifying convictions) Category B Felony
  • 2-15 years imprisonment
  • $2,000-$5,000 fine

The charges for domestic violence can vary depending on the circumstances, and there are various types of charges that can qualify as domestic violence. It is crucial to consult a criminal justice attorney to know how these statutes affect your case.

Legal Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, domestic violence charges can have severe consequences, including jail time, fines, and a tarnished reputation. However, individuals facing these charges have the right to mount a strong defense to protect their rights and achieve the best possible outcome.

Here are some common legal defenses that can be used in domestic violence cases:

  • Self-defense: If the accused can demonstrate that they acted in self-defense or defense of others, it may serve as a viable defense. This defense argues that the alleged act of violence was necessary to protect oneself or another person from harm.
  • False accusations: False accusations are not uncommon in domestic violence cases. The defense can work to establish that the alleged victim has a motive to lie or has a history of making false accusations. This defense strategy may involve presenting evidence, such as witness testimonies or surveillance footage, to discredit the alleged victim’s credibility.
  • Consent: If the alleged victim consented to the actions that led to the domestic violence charges, it could be a valid defense. This defense argues that the actions were consensual and not done against the will of the alleged victim.
  • Lack of intent/Accident: In some cases, the defense may argue that the accused did not have the intent to commit domestic violence. They may claim that the act was accidental or unintentional, highlighting factors such as miscommunication, misunderstandings, or an absence of any aggressive behavior.

Consult with our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys to determine the most effective defense strategy based on the specific circumstances of the case. We can analyze the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s case, and protect your rights throughout the legal process.

Getting Help From a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney

At Benjamin Durham Law Firm, we’re here to assist you in your time of need. As experienced domestic violence lawyers based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we understand how challenging your situation can be.

You won’t just be another case number to us; with us, you’ll get the personalized attention that you deserve. Unlike other firms where paralegals do most of the work, at our place, you actually get to talk to the attorney handling your case.

Here’s how we help you:

  • Provide legal counsel and explain the charges: Your defense attorney will offer advice, explain the charges, and guide you on your legal rights and options.
  • Investigate your case: They will conduct a thorough investigation, gather evidence, and interview witnesses to build a strong defense strategy for you.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors: Your attorney will negotiate with the prosecution to seek possible plea deals or reduced charges that are favorable to you.
  • Represent you in court: Your defense attorney will advocate for you during court proceedings, presenting evidence and arguments to defend against the charges.
  • Challenge evidence: They can challenge the admissibility or credibility of evidence presented by the prosecution to weaken their case and strengthen yours.
  • Protect your rights: Your defense attorney will ensure that your constitutional rights are upheld throughout the legal process, including during police questioning and trial.

With all this support behind you, it’s possible not just to survive these trying times but come out victorious in the end. At Benjamin Durham Law Firm, we provide personalized attention because we believe everyone deserves their fair day in court without compromise or bias.

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