What Do You Do When Someone Hits Your Parked Car?

It can be incredibly frustrating to return to your parked car and find it damaged when another driver collided with it but did not leave you with any indication of who they are. In many states, the driver’s obligation when they hit a parked car is the same as with any accident: they must leave their information and take responsibility for the damages their collision caused.

Finding the person responsible for a hit-and-run accident with your parked car can be challenging, but talented legal professionals like those at our law firm can work with police to discover who hit your car and hold them responsible. Call us today to get started collecting the damages you deserve.

Can I Collect Compensation if Someone Hit My Parked Car?

Many people think that if the at-fault party leaves the scene of the accident that it’s too late, and they’ll never be able to pursue compensation. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. If a hit-and-run driver damaged your parked car, you should contact the police as they can conduct an investigation to discover the driver responsible. Your personal injury lawyer can also help uncover details identifying the person liable for the crash.

However, you should contact the authorities and a trusted law firm like ours right away, as it will get more and more difficult to find the person as time goes by.

What Responsibility Does the Driver Have for Hitting My Parked Car?

Just as with any collision on the road, drivers who hit a parked car must take responsibility for their actions. They should either find the car owner or leave a note with their name and contact information so you can get in touch with them. Their insurance company should pay for the damages, which you can provide after you’ve had your car repaired or examined to give an estimate of the damage. Driving away without performing these actions can lead to punitive damages from the at-fault driver.

Should You Hire a Lawyer to Help Recover Damages in a Hit-and-Run with a Parked Car?

If your car has been damaged in by a hit-and-run driver, you may wonder what recourse you have. Usually, your insurance company will pay for the damages if you simply can’t find the driver responsible. However, sometimes people don’t have this covered by insurance and may have to pay for damages themselves. It is far preferable to find the driver and hold them responsible, which is possible if you work with skilled hit-and-run attorneys like those at our law firm.

We promise that if you hire our law firm, we will dedicate our time, energy, knowledge, and determination to investigate the accident and find the person responsible for damaging your car. Even if the driver fled the scene without leaving contact information, you have options. Please call us right away at (702) 793-2326 for a free, confidential consultation to see how we can help you recover damages from your hit-and-run accident.

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