What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

Car accidents are a leading cause of emergency room visits in the United States. The powerful impact between two motor vehicles can cause serious injury to drivers and passengers and may even cost people their lives.

If you have been injured because of another person’s reckless driving, your first priority is to seek medical attention. Once you have been treated for any injuries, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer like those at our law firm to get compensation for the damage done to you.

Neck and Back Injuries

One of the most common injuries in car accidents is whiplash. This occurs when the car’s movement suddenly changes, but the vertebrae in the victim’s neck can’t keep up as the person is literally whipped around. Whiplash is usually not serious but can be painful and requires a long recovery.

Other back problems arising from a car crash could require surgery to heal properly. These painful injuries can keep you from working and enjoying life.

Head Injuries

Another devastating result of car accidents is a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. TBIs include concussions and can be very severe, causing disability, mood disorders, learning difficulties, and other permanent damage. If you are suffering from a TBI after your car accident, please seek legal counsel to determine what course of action you should take as you pursue compensation.

Other Common Injuries

Many other injuries could arise from car accidents, including broken bones, sprains, torn muscles and ligaments, internal injuries, burns, and disfigurement from broken glass. Some car accident victims lose their lives because of the severity of the crash, which could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit.

If you are suffering from injuries you sustained in a car accident, please don’t feel that you must go through this ordeal alone. Reaching out to personal injury lawyers is an excellent step to getting compensated for the injuries caused by another driver’s negligence.

Can Our Personal Injury Lawyers Help with Your Car Accident Claim?

If a car wreck has left you severely injured, you should speak with car accident lawyers as soon as you are able after getting medical treatment. A talented attorney like those at our law firm can help you gather evidence to prove liability in the crash, showing that the other driver failed in their duty to operate their vehicle safely and that their negligence caused the accident.

Personal injury lawyers also have access to professionals like private investigators and reconstructionists who can illustrate exactly what happened in the crash, even if the two parties’ stories don’t line up.

When you’re facing high medical bills, lost income due to missed work, and a loss of enjoyment of life because of your car crash injuries, the last thing you need is to try to recover damages without the help of compassionate and skilled attorneys. Reach out to our law firm today for a free case evaluation, where we will discuss your case and help you build a strong claim that will get the maximum compensation you deserve. Call now at (702) 793-2326.

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