Most people think that when they’ve been in an accident, their only options are to accept a settlement offer from the insurance company or to sue for damages. While these may work in some cases, there are instances where writing a polite yet firm letter requesting compensation can be the easiest way to go.

Whatever method you choose in pursuing compensation following your accident, you should first consult with a talented legal team of experienced personal injury attorneys, like those at our law firm. We have been helping clients recover damages for over 20 years, and we would love to stand by your side to see that justice is served in your case.

What Information Should a Demand Letter Include?

First, your demand letter should state clear and simple facts that occurred during the incident, showing that the individual is at fault for breaching a duty of care they owed you and causing your injuries. It is not recommended that you bring up any responsibility you may have had in the accident in your letter.

You should also list the ways the accident has impacted your life. Don’t worry about being concise. Share all the details regarding the pain the injuries have caused you and how the accident has affected your work, family life, and enjoyment of everyday activities. Be truthful, but don’t be shy in expressing how challenging life has been following the accident.

What Other Tips Can Make an Effective Demand Letter?

The following are some tips that you could use to make a more effective demand letter:

  • Use polite language. Even if you may feel angry towards the person over their negligence that has caused you such severe injuries, expressing anger in your letter will probably not get you the result you’re hoping for. Treat the person respectfully while honestly describing how their actions have impacted your life.
  • Attach relative documents. Including copies of medical bills, statements of missed work, and proof of your injuries can help back up your statements about how the accident has affected your life.
  • Give them an amount and a date. After describing how the person’s negligence has harmed you, you should list the amount you expect the person to pay and the date by which they should make the payment.
  • Inform them that you plan to take them to court. State that if the payment is not received by the specified date, you will take the matter to court and file a lawsuit against them.

Can Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

If you’ve been injured because of another person’s negligence, you deserve help paying for the expenses of the accident. Writing a letter is one way to recover damages, but you should still speak with an attorney if you need to take the matter to court. Contact our law firm immediately for help writing an effective demand letter, gathering evidence, and getting full and fair compensation for your injuries. Call today at (702) 631-6111.