To Lawyer Up or Not After a Car Crash? How an Attorney Can Help

do i need a car accident lawyer

Getting into an auto accident is a jarring, stressful event on its own. You’re worried about injuries, vehicle damage, missed work, insurance claims, not to mention the headache of dealing with police reports, medical appointments, car repair shops, and more.

With so much suddenly demanding your time and energy, tackling the legal process on your own after a car accident may feel impossible.

But the thought of hiring a lawyer can also feel overwhelming. Where do you even start? Is it even worth it?

While you may think a car accident lawyer is an unnecessary expense, from years of experience assisting injury victims, we’ve found legal counsel makes the difference in not just maximizing monetary recovery but reducing burdens through a traumatic time. Here are some things to consider after you have been in a car accident.

Factors Suggesting You Need a Lawyer After a Collision

In Nevada, contributory negligence laws state that accident victims cannot recover any damages if found even 1% at fault. This highlights the value attorneys provide in demonstrating the other motorist’s complete liability through official crash reports, witness statements, and more documentation.

But when do accident circumstances truly warrant hiring legal counsel rather than attempting to handle matters independently? Key indicators include:

You’re facing high medical bills and lost income.

Between hospital visits, physical therapy, surgery, missed work wages, or other mounting costs, reliable legal guidance maximizes monetary recovery to offset what the crash set back financially. We can thoroughly track all quantified accident-related expenses for inclusion in demand packages and court evidence.

Liability is clear but disputed.

Even with police reports and common sense pointing to the other driver’s fault, some insurers balk at paying fair damages, even in comparative negligence systems. Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers often compel higher settlement offers in these scenarios.

You received inadequate settlement offers.

While early lowball amounts may tempt victims to minimize legal involvement, retaining counsel typically garners far greater insurance payouts closer to actual losses suffered. There’s no obligation to accept whatever’s first presented.

You suffered the total loss of a vehicle or property damage.

Insurers cutting checks for property destruction may seem clear-cut. However, legal help often increases payouts above blue book values or depreciation rates. We can also pursue damages coverage exclusions overlooked.

You’re overwhelmed by the legal process.

Even straightforward accidents involve statutes of limitations, proof of negligence rules, and court litigation processes – concepts confusing for non-lawyers but known to attorneys. Legal representation helps avoid jeopardizing rights/cases while easing burdens.

Of course, every auto accident situation differs…. If you’ve been injured, assessing the above factors indicates whether to handle matters independently or pursue counsel. Our team offers free consultations to help analyze needs and options at no initial cost or obligation.

How Car Accident Lawyers Provide Value

Beyond the factors above, our attorneys deliver targeted value addressing the main pain points accident victims endure, including:

  • Simplifying legal frameworks – Paperwork demands and court procedures contain dense terminology, rigid protocols, and bureaucratic steps. We make everything clear in plain language so you can make informed choices.
  • Insurance company negotiators – Adjusters use tactics to discount injuries, discredit evidence, and pressure quick, low-cost settlements. We negotiate fair compensation backed by irrefutable documentation.
  • Document gathering/evidence building – Gathering police reports, medical evaluations, witness statements, and other proof is vital yet time-consuming, especially when injured. We have resources and knowledge of exactly what’s needed to prove losses and damages.
  • Future cost analysis – Ongoing medical care, lost earning capacity, and other long-term accident impacts are challenging to quantify on your own. We use proven methodologies to accurately project lifetime costs for inclusion in recoveries.

Our #1 priority is reducing client burdens so you can focus on healing physically and emotionally from traumatic experiences. Our Las Vegas car accident lawyers handle the legalese and negotiations so you avoid unnecessary stress.

And if agreeable settlements cannot be reached, we aren’t afraid to take cases to court when needed to fight for maximum compensation. Our depth of personal injury trial experience consistently delivers results surpassing what victims secure on their own.

Warning Signs Insurance Providers Won’t Treat You Fairly

Insurance companies aren’t your friends after an accident, regardless of consoling TV commercials. As profit-motivated businesses, insurers have financial incentives to minimize claim payouts however possible, despite contrary rhetoric about being “on your side.”

Actions revealing insurers aim to save money rather than cover fair damages include:

  • Pressuring quick, low settlements before full recovery occurs
  • Minimizing injury severity despite medical documents
  • Taking recorded statements to later discredit claims
  • Delaying communication and necessary steps
  • Disputing liability despite police/witness reports

Our legal team stands ready to be your advocate, countering bad-faith tactics. We use proven negotiation practices against these moves to secure rightful compensation. And maintaining thorough documentation helps reveal where insurer actions cross ethical lines, bolstering claims.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Offer a Client-Focused Approach

Sorting through everything after an auto accident feels like a full-time job itself. You deserve attorneys who minimize frustrations that compound stress and trauma. That means not getting lost as a nameless case file shuffled between indifferent staff members at a mill churning out clients.

We provide legal solutions centered around your unique needs and priorities for recovery. Taking in-depth time to listen and understand your challenges and goals allows us to tailor our comprehensive services accordingly.

These include:

  • Insurance claim guidance and negotiation
  • Demand letters with documented evidence
  • Litigation options if settlements stall
  • Client-approved agreements and next steps

You’re not just another number with our compassionate legal team. Past clients faced with totaled vehicles, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, anxiety, and other life-disrupting impacts from collisions appreciate how we simplify processes and maximize outcomes to restore stability and dignity.

While every case differs, what remains constant is our commitment to pursue every option for delivering justice, financial recompense, and peace of mind however we can. Please don’t hesitate to arrange an initial free consultation to explore your rights and choices after being injured in an auto accident.

Contact us online today to get started and learn how we can help.

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Benjamin Durham is the principal attorney and founder of Benjamin Durham Law Firm, a criminal defense law firm based in Las Vegas, NV. With over 20 years of experience in the legal field, he represents clients in both injury and criminal cases. Over his career, he has secured favorable verdicts for clients in both state and federal courts and successfully defended numerous high-profile prosecutions.

Ben’s exceptional legal skills and dedication to his clients have earned him recognition as a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He also has been honored as one of the Top 100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association, further solidifying his reputation as a top-notch legal practitioner.

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